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What is the Community Directors’ Kiosk?

The Community Directors’ Kiosk (CDKiosk) is designed for you to access a range of best practice organisation development services, without the challenge of developing time-consuming contracts and/or engaging expensive retainers. It is a resource for Community Bank® companies which need to develop or review non financial company functions: people, programs, planning processes and partnerships, as well as working together as a Board. CDKiosk offers products and services for Community Bank® Boards. Our Products will be toolkits, online surveys, advice sheets or other resources which can be downloaded from our website for a cost. Services are consultant led engagement, where the value of the work is on our expertise and our ability to help your Board assess, improve and strengthen its business and community outcomes.

Does the Kiosk fit with our relationships with Bendigo Bank Regional Managers?

The Kiosk does not replace the important and crucial role that regional and state Bendigo Bank personnel play in strengthening and supporting your Board – but there are times when your Board wants to work a bit more independently, with others who know what being a Community Bank® Director is about.

What experience do CDK personnel have with Community Banks® and more broadly working in the community?

CDKiosk is a project of MGN Consultancy, which has a long history of working with a range of companies, and we understand the Community Bank® model – we have an extensive history of the Community Bank® model as steering committee members, Directors of Community Bank® companies, as well as providing consultancy services to a range of Bank companies in and around Melbourne. We understand your commitment and share your passion for strengthening your company and local community.

Who pays for the cost of your services?

The cost of CDKiosk is met by each company that chooses to use our services. Our pricing is competitive – we work in these fields in our broader consultancy work, and understand the range of costs of quality consultancy services. We believe that our prices represent great value for money and it is an essential investment in your people, programs and planning.

What benefit is there in using CDKiosk rather than other business services?

We may or may not be a good fit for your company and your specific requirements. We aim to offer a service from highly qualified individuals (academically and practically) in managing the complexity of a business/community franchise relationship.

Is Bendigo Bank aware of CDKiosk?

Yes, a presentation of the CDKiosk concept was made to BEN execs in 2013. Jan McGannon has also been asked by a number of Regional Managers to provide consultancy services to other Community Boards in the past 2 years.

Can you provide services outside of Melbourne?

CDKiosk is based in Victoria and our products and services are accessible to Community Banks® all over Australia. There are a range of options here: some of our tools are online (partnership analysis and Board performance) so all Boards can use the tools, and we can provide face to face, teleconference feedback, or in some cases the report provided will suffice. Perhaps a group of companies in a regional area would like to work collaboratively and use our services at the same time so we can minimise any travel and accommodation costs. Please contact us so we can discuss options with you.